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Retired or Discontinued
Boyd's Bear Smith Applewish TJ's Best Apple Harvest Gang retired 2001
Boyd's Bears Bearwear Christmas ornament Angels QVC Retired 1999
Boyd's The Mohair Bears Theodore M. Bear signed 100th Anniversary Bear
Boyds Bear Gladys Tidings Christmas Bear 2002 QVC
Boyds Bear Miss Poinsley J B Bean and Associates QVC exclusive 2002
Boyds Bear Skidoo The Archive Collection Series 1993 Retired
Boyds Bear Tia Cherrybeary 904093 Retired 2003 Cherry Jubilee Series
Boyds Bears Alastair The Archive Collection 1995 Retired
Boyds Bears Furley B. Bearsdale Head Bean Heirloom Retired
Boyds Bears Kaylie Heart to Heart Friends retired 2004
Boyds Bears Momma Bearsworth, Mary-Margaret & Stuart QVC 2001
Boyds Bears TJ's Best Dressed Katrina Winterbeary 2002 QVC
Boyds Bears Winter Mintly Candy Christmas Series retired 2003